Body Protectors

Body Protector Fitting

Horse riding is fast growing outdoor sport. Enjoyed by 1000's of adults and children. Horse riding safety equipment should be purchased as early as possible into your new activity. Falling off a horse is never at the top of anyone's to do list but it does and will happen. Make sure that you or your children are wearing well fitted Horse Riding Safety equipment that has been fitted by trained staff. Local horse riding shops like Chaskits Horse and Rider are the best places to shop for this type of equipment.

Horse Riding Body Protectors, when fitted correctly, will offer protection to the wearer by absorbing the impact sustained during a fall, being kicked or trodden on by a horse.

The British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) standards that are applied to body protectors have set a benchmark within the Equestrian world. The standards are recognised and recommended by all the leading organisations and disciplines requiring the use of body protection.

The Equestrian industry is well serviced by several leading Manufacturers of specialist’s safety equipment, producing a selection of styles and designs.

At Chaskits Horse & Rider we have chosen a strong selection of body protectors from 3 leading manufacturers. We feel that our range meets the wide variety of shapes and sizes of our customers as well as age groups and budgets.

All the body protectors stocked at Chaskits Horse & Rider are BETA level 3.

What happens during a body protector fitting?

At Chaskits Horse and Rider, all our staff has received extensive body protector training from our manufacturers in how to fit their body protectors. We are all riders ourselves, we look to find you the most suitable product for you and your discipline.

We hold a large stock of body protectors, this allows us to try several options on you. Whilst we adjust individual body protectors to you, we will discuss your riding activities and budget. When we have found a body protector that we are happy with, the fit of your body protector will be checked while you are sat in one of our saddles in store. When we are fitting body protectors to children we try and fit them with as much room for growth as safely possible. As part of the fitting, children are shown how to put on and take off their body protector. Along with any adjustments that might need to be made as a result of growth.