Saddle Fitting

After your horse your saddle is often the next most expensive purchase, for this reason it is essential that not only does it fit your horse, but it also fits you. Your horses performance is very easily affected by the fit and style of your saddle. Bearing in mind this affect can be both positive and negative. Your saddle is one of the strongest lines of communication that you have with your horse, it is your balance aid, shouldn't it be correct?

Karen Jones is our SMS qualified Saddle Fitter. Karen has been fitting the saddles of horses and ponies through out Kent and Sussex for over 20 years, Karen is a keen rider and horse owner herself.



Karen Jones S.M.S Master Saddler/Qualified Saddle Fitter

Society of Master Saddlers qualified

Our saddle fitting service covers Kent, Sussex, and Surrey. Karen aims to find the best possible fit for both you and your horse. You will find a wide range of new and second hand, leather, and synthetic saddles at our shop in Tunbridge Wells.